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Effective Writing: Sort Out Your Ideas (2)

Nobody, we might suppose, would write a sentence as bad as, Miss Jones finished her solo at ten o’clock and immediately afterward they found the house on fire. Yet how much better is the following paragraph, written in a style with which most of us are all too familiar? The June meeting of the Groveton… (read more)

Effective Writing: Sort Out Your Ideas (1)

Subordination, the grouping of ideas into principal and subordinate clauses in a sentence, is much like the pictorial artist’s emphasis upon one element in his painting at the expense of all others; or like the photographer’s selective focus, by means of which he keeps a certain part of his picture in focus and deliberately allows… (read more)

Steps to Effective Writing (3)

Step 1. Write in Specifics – part 3 The view from the hill behind our town — is it beautiful? If a writer uses that overworked, vague term, he must at once tell specific things that support his use of the general adjective. A writer must never use a general term unless he follows it… (read more)