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WRITING TIP: Capitalization of Names of Places

Capitalize names of places, such as streets, buildings, parks, mountains, countries, rivers, oceans, and lakes, if the exact name is used.

For instance, in the name “the Empire State Building” the E, S, and B are capitalized because they begin the words of the name of the building. Observe that the “the” is not capitalized because it is not part of the given name. On the other hand, “the” is capitalized when it is part of the official name, as in “The Hague.”

If a place is knowingly famous and designates a specific place, we capitalize the name. The following are some examples: the Continent (Europe), the Hill (Capitol Hill), the Gulf (the Gulf of Mexico).

Creative names of places that do not give any hint of location, but are popularly known to the region or the culture, are capitalized. For example, Tinseltown (Hollywood, California), the South Side (Chicago), the Glades (the Everglades), South Beach (Miami).

The place names with “city” are only capitalized when they are part of the common name. Atlantic City and Kansas City are two familiar cities that are examples.

Some place names are imaginary, such as Madison Avenue, Wall Street, and Off-Off Broadway, and are capitalized.


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