Owl Editing

Common Problems:

  • incorrect use of punctuation, commas, semicolons, colons, and dashes, etc.
  • misuse of articles and prepositions,
  • mistaking one word for another (i.e., envelope/envelop, stationary/stationery, affect/effect). A spell-checker won't detect these errors.
  • confusing "then" and "than," "its" and "it's," and "lay" and "lie",
  • creating run-on sentences or sentence fragments.

The Solutions:

Light copy-editing:

  • correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation,
  • correcting confusion in tenses,
  • eliminating redundancies,
  • correcting headings, tables, figures, and lists,
  • substituting words that more accurately convey the author's intent,
  • avoiding sexism, racism, or other pejorative language.

Medium copy-editing:

  • correcting errors in spelling, usage, grammar, punctuation, and style,
  • correcting fluctuations in tense,
  • clarifying ambiguities,
  • noting inconsistencies in point of view,
  • identifying inconsistencies in facts and details,
  • revising or cutting to meet length requirements.

Heavy copy-editing:

  • reviewing the overall organization,
  • suggesting deletions, additions, or rearrangements,
  • indicating gaps in content or unclear transitions,
  • creating a Table of Contents,
  • adjusting tables, charts, or diagrams.


  • ensuring that sources are acknowledged appropriately.

Editing tables and figures:

  • adjusting the presentation of data,
  • ensuring the proper positioning of tables and figures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What does it cost?
    Fees can be estimated from the total word count. Approx. $20-25 per 1,000 words.
  • 2. How should I send the document?
    The preferred method is by e-mail attachment.
  • 3. Can I see the editing changes?
    Yes. The MS-Word Revision Tool is used to show all changes from the editing.
  • 4. Can I have a document edited on an urgent basis?
    Yes. Rush editing service is available. An extra fee is usually applied, depending on the degree of urgency.