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Editing Fees

For most writing projects, the editing fees can be roughly estimated from the Total Word Count. If the level of editing is "medium," the fees will be approximately $20-24 per 1,000 words.

To receive an accurate assessment of the editing fees, please send your document (or a sample chapter).

Examples of Fees


5-6 pages, APA, MLA, etc., medium level of editing

Resumes and Letters:

Two-page resume and letter

Long Essays and Reports:

10-20 pages, APA, MLA, etc., medium level of editing

20-50 pages, APA, MLA, business, technical healthcare theses, medium level of editing.


$20-25 per 1,000 words. Send a sample chapter or two for a more accurate assessment of the fees.

Formatting only according to APA, MLA or other styles, including specific styles for journal publication.

Methods of Payment

Bank Email Money Transfer Contact your bank for details.
email money transfer

Online bank transfer. Cash deposit to bank. Must be arranged ahead of time.