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  Writing reports

Your purpose for your writing may be to:
  • show that you understand certain theories
  • show that you can do independent research
  • apply a specific theory to a new topic
  • provide information

    Before you start writing, you will need to think about the length of the assignment in relation to the time available.

    In everyday writing to friends, you probably use a casual tone, but academic writing including essays and reports, a more formal tone should be used. If your instructor asks you to express yourself freely, you may be able to use an informal style.

1st Person:
    Since a formal essay is not a personal outpouring, you should try to keep it from becoming "I-centered."   Occasionally, you may use the first-person pronoun to express your opinion, as long as it is backed with evidence. If an argument is clear and self-supporting, however, there is no need to use such phrases as "In my view."

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